Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

If you have been in an accident and are suffering from acute pain, turn to Physical Therapy & Rehab Concepts. We provide professional physical therapy services to help you get back to your normal routine.
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Occupational Health Testing and Treatment

Our occupational health services help you prevent work-related accidents and ensure overall health and well-being. 
We provide individualized plans for your unique health requirements.
Occupational Health Testing

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Highly recommended. I am very happy with the results. Staff is always willing to provide you with the best service and assistance. I can say that the results were notable after few sessions. Therapists are very knowledgeable about their work, which made me feel I was in the right place. The facilities and equipment are always clean and ready to be used by the patients. My pain level was significantly reduced. I am happily “graduated”! 
- Ale Villarreal
I have been a patient at PTRC for 4 different injuries. Always with complete success and even a bit of fun. My first treatments were after major rotator cuff surgery and with their help I returned to skydiving. Not bad for a 62 year old :-) 
- George Nissan
I have had the unfortunate circumstances where I've had to have surgery on both my shoulder and my knee in the past at two separate times. Both times I chose PTRC. I will tell you the professionalism and outcome of my care was better than expected. Top Notch place!!! 
- Ken Vaughn
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